3 Responses to Screenshots

  1. Mark says:

    Know it’s early, but here’s a thought anyway — since it’s words, go for something like parchment as the background, keep the theme. tht might mean you have to change color of score columns though.

    Another thought might be to increase size of actual playing area (where tiles show). For old farts who don’t see too well 🙂

    Final random comment … your use of phrase “building a word” got me thinking. Instead fo war theme (war of words, spear, etc), maybe “WordSmith” (or “WordSmythe” if you want to get all hoiti-toiti)? Could extend theme with hammer, anvil, etc, instead of spears. Just an alternative thought.

    • Tim says:

      I might try the parchment and see what I can do.

      For the letter size, its already 50×50 pixels, which translates to a font size of 36pt. That’s pretty big. On an HDTV, it’s very legible. They say you need a minimum of 14pt for fonts to show on SDTVs, but I think 18pt is more appropriate.

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