War of Words is a new game for XBox LIVE Indie Games.  War of Words combines the best aspects of RPGs and word games into one unique gaming experience.

The gameplay centers mostly around finding words from random sets of letters.  It is a fast-paced game that requires quick thinking and strategy to defeat your opponent before it defeats you.  For each word you spell, you’ll be rewarded points based on the length of the word and how rare its letters are (similar to how Scrabble is played).  If you gain enough points, you’ll attack your opponent and strike a blow based on the current weapon you have equipped.  This process is repeated until one side loses.  There are bonus letters that can double or triple scores and many subtle strategies for improving your effectiveness against enemies.  The game’s dictionary contains nearly 170,000 English words.

As with most RPGs, you concentrate on building up your character by winning battles against enemies.  As you level up, you’ll gain more stats such as health points (HP) and magic points (MP).  Use magic points to cast special spells while in combat that can provide defense or offense to help you.  Each spell does something a little different and spells can be combined to offset each other or amplify the effects.

You’ll also travel a game map, going from town to town as a classic RPG story unfolds.  You can visit stores and taverns to buy new equipment and rest up.  Treasure chests can also be found and must be opened by playing a mini-game.  You can also play a mini-game at taverns to earn more experience and gold.

War of Words also has a local split-screen two-player mode that allows you to face off against another player for fast-paced fun.

About the Developer

I’ve been a professional software developer for about eight years working on many different projects.  I’ve primarily been an ASP and ASP.NET web developer but I’ve also developed with Windows Forms for several professional and personal projects.  I’ve also been a game developer hobbyist/enthusiast since I was a teenager.  I’ve been working with XNA Game Studio since about December 2006.

I released a game called Fruit Attack on Xbox LIVE Community Games (now Indie Games) in November 2008.  It was the very first game to be released on the then-new service.


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