Initial Results of Playtest

War of Words has been in playtest for one week and I’ve gotten several pieces of good feedback.  I’ve made the following changes in response to this feedback:

  • Font readability was a small issue with certain things.  I’ve increased the size of some of the fonts where I could.  I also switched to a different and hopefully more readable font on the critical menus.  The instructions have been increased in size by 30%.
  • There’s a few places where on-screen button hints appear.  These help you remember button presses.
  • Backspace and clear word have been swapped in the control scheme (B performs a backspace while LB clears the word).
  • The map has a title.
  • The letter blocks have been completely redesigned for more readability.  They looked very red in previous releases and now they look more like wood.
  • There’s some basic help when you first start the game on the map.
  • Sign out of profile could crash the game in certain circumstances, and this was fixed (this was the only crash bug found).
  • Several people reported that the game was too difficult.  In response, I have made some of the first few encounters easier by reducing hit points and increasing other attack stats.  I also scaled back enemy stats and “dumbed down” their AIs a little.  It should be much easier to beat the first two enemies now.  Getting up to level 10 should be easier too.
  • It was also reported that battles took too long.  They’ve been implicitly shortened by the actions taken in the previous bullet point.

I hope to get another week of playtest in.  If a crash bug is found, I will fix it and re-release.  The idea is that the game will be crash free going into peer review so that the review process is not compromised.

On a positive note, testers were in agreement that they enjoyed the game, which is a good sign!  I hope that I have crafted a game that people will enjoy.  I just want to be sure that it is accessible to the first-time player.  It can be hard to judge how easy or hard a game is that you create because you are already an expert at it.


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