New Map & Menu Screenshots

December 9, 2009

I’ve been integrating a lot of artwork recently and polishing up the apperance of many of the non-combat screens.  On this blog up to this point, I’ve only shown the main combat screens and how it has been progresssing.  In this post, you can see a few of the other “secondary” screens.

This screenshot shows the title.  This is the very first thing you see after the XNA splash:

This next screenshot shows the map screen.  You use this screen to view where you currently are and where you can travel to.  It also shows a quick glance at your stats:

This third screenshot shows the equipment management screen.  This is where you view and equip gear from each of the three equipment slots:

This last shot is from the story screen.  Each part of a quest story is presented on this screen before and after various quests: