In-game Awards

XBox LIVE Indie Games are not allowed to have official XBox Achievements nor can they give out gamerscore.  Still, the idea of specific challenges to give out to players has been mimicked by many Indie games and by PC games too (even though no official reward is given out).  So, I have decided to add a few achievements to War of Words.  Due to Microsoft’s policy about the term “achievement” not being allowed on an Indie game, mine will be called “awards”.

Here’s a list of a few awards that will be available to players that purchase the game:

  • Make a 10 letter word.
  • Make a 15 letter word.
  • Make a 50 point word without using a score multiplier.
  • Make a 100 point word (score multiplier allowed)
  • Make a 200 point word (!)
  • Spell a word starting with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet in combat.
  • Beat an opponent over LIVE.
  • Obtain character level 50.
  • Beat the game (the main line quest).

I might add some more, but this is a solid list.  The 200 point challenge is probably the most difficult.  The level 50 award is probably the most time consuming.  It is too bad that we don’t have leaderboards (well, true leaderboards).  It would be cool to know who is the best player in the world.

One of the best ways to measure how good someone is at this game is “average word score”.  This is calculated by taking the total word score obtained and dividing by the total number of words formed.  My averages are somewhere around 8.1-8.2.  That’s probably pretty average.  I’d say anything over 10 is good and over 15 is really good.  That would mean that on average you are scoring 15 points per word.  I thought about having an award linked to avg. word score, but it just wouldn’t work out.  It is hard to improve your average after playing a while because of all of the words you’ve formed prior to that point.


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