In Need of an Artist

[Update: The position has been filled.]

I’m looking for an artist to complete some of the artwork for War of Words.  I’m going to quote a post I made in the XNA forums with complete details:

I’m looking for a 2D Artist to help me to complete an Independent RPG/puzzle game for the Xbox 360.  Details about the game can be found on my development blog.  The game is approximately 2/3 complete in development.

A little bit about myself and the project:  I’ve been a professional developer for about 9 years currently employed at a major University.  I’m starting a small side company as an independent game maker.  I’ve made one game that was released on Indie games (Fruit Attack) last November (it was the first game to be approved).  My latest development effort is a hybrid RPG/word game.  Please read about it on my development blog to get the most current information (including screen shots).

Job Details:

Type:  2D Artist for RPG elements – primarily character portraits, backgrounds, and user interface (UI) artwork.

Timeline:  I need it done within the next 6-8 weeks.

Compensation:  Negotiable

Other Perks:  Free copies of the completed game, Graphic Artist credit in-game, possible future work.


Solid background in 2D artwork especially medieval-style RPG items and character portraits.

Fluent English speaker.

Willingness to brainstorm ideas and be creative on the art direction.

Ability to communicate effectively and to promptly respond to inquiries as needed.

If you are interested, please email me directly.  I can provide a list of artwork assets that I need created.  Please include in your email a little bit about yourself, your art background, and a link to a blog/website/other that showcases some of your work.  You may also include a resume if you wish.


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