Which words are in the dictionary?

A common question has been “which words are in the dictionary?” of the game.  Are proper names in there?  Well, here’s my take on it and the definitive answer:

The dictionary in War of Words has 172,500 words.  It does not contain the following kinds of words:

  • Proper names that are also not commonly used words in the English vernacular are not in there.  Examples would be:  Spain, Erica, Internet, or Arizona.  Names like Jack or Joe are in the dictionary (Joe is slang for coffee, for example).
  • Almost any word requiring capitalization is not in the dictionary.  Examples would be names of the months, or days of the week.  I am thinking about adding these however.
  • Single letter words (such as I) are not in the dictionary.
  • Contractions such as “Shouldn’t” or “can’t” are not in the dictionary because there is no apostrophe playable character.
  • Abbreviations for the most part are not in there, however there are some common ones.
  • Offensive words are not in the dictionary.  These are picked at my discretion.  I would like this to remain a G-rated game (as far as language is concerned).

The good news is that when you spell a word, the system will indicate whether it is present or not (with a checkmark or red-X indicating validity).  This takes out the guessing as to whether you can confirm that spelling or not.


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