Making Letters

Well, I decided that one of the first things to do when trying to build a word game should be to make the letters that words are created from.  Now I’m not an amazing artist, but with a good paint program and some tutorials and/or experimentation, I can come up with some decent stuff (or at least, decent placeholder art).  Here’s a sample of some of the letters I’ve created:

Letters Sample

Each block has a slight wood grain texture on it, a beveled edge, and a charcoal-colored letter that looks slightly as if it is cut into each block.  I made these graphics with Paint Shop Pro 9.

When I go to use these in-game, I’ll arrange them so that all 26 letters are in a single texture file (I used 13 letters in 2 rows).

These images look pretty good on my HDTV at 720p resolution.  They look a lot redder then here on my PC, but I think that is just my color settings on the TV.


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